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how-to-make-your-bedroom-look-more-matureEasy Ways to Make Your Bedroom Look More Grown-Up.

Maybe you’re thinking it’s time for a change in your bedroom. Perhaps you just moved to a new apartment or house, or perhaps you are looking for a complete makeover, just for the fun of it! Maybe, you're looking to update it and make make your bedroom look more mature. Are the pink walls, glittery pillows and teddy bears starting to be too much? Check out these ways to make your bedroom look more mature, but still keep a girly flair.

1. Choose More Mature Furniture/Linens 

1. Make your bedroom look more mature by having at least a queen-sized bed (a twin looks too kiddish). Make your bedding solid-colored, black and white patterned, or include a flower pattern. Quilts instead of comforters look very mature too. Remember, it’s totally okay to leave a couple stuffed animals on the bed. We know you’re a mature woman, but a cute little teddy bear does no harm... and may help you sleep better!

2. Put a nightstand on either side of your bed. Place lamps, candles, alarm clock, flowers and a couple small picture frames on the nightstands. A wicker storage chest at the end of your bed is a great way to make your bedroom look more mature as well. Plus, you can store things in it, like blankets, sweatshirts, or even shoes. 

3. Have your dresser match the bedroom and keep it clean; inside and out. Hang a mirror above your dresser and display only a small amount of items on top. Keep some classy perfumes on your mature dresser, a flower arrangement, or a couple little trinkets. 

2. Have More Mature Walls 

1. If you have pink or purple walls, a great way to make your bedroom look more mature is to paint them to a lighter color. Try to stay away from bright loud colors. It'll look like Nickelodeon exploded in your room, UNLESS you make sure it's modern. If you can’t paint your walls right away, that’s okay, just make sure your bed, linens, and furniture are white, black, beige or any other pale color. Doing that will take attention away from the walls. 

2. Next, put some decoration on the walls. Watercolor paintings look extremely mature and pretty on the walls. Candlestick holders on the wall are very grown-up looking. You don’t light them, they are just for show. 

3. Remove corkboards with photos of you and your friends if you have them, it makes the room look too youthful. Put a few pictures of you and your friends in frames on your tables. Keeping the walls simple and not cluttered is key.

3. Decorate and Accessorize with a "Grown-up's Taste" 

  • CANDLES: Pretty candles and candleholders add style to any décor 
  • NATURE: Paintings of nature scenes, potpourri bowls, pinecone decorations, or seashells add stylishness too 
  • FLOWERS: Flower arrangements, paintings of flowers, or floral linens like curtains add maturity
  • GOOD LIGHTING: Having lamps that dim add great ambience
  • RUGS: Spice up your carpet or hard wood floors with a cute rug by your bed that matches the theme of your room
  • BOOKS: Displaying some classic novels on your furniture in your room makes you look like a smarty and mature (you should read those classic novels too!) 
  • TRINKETS: Cute trinkets will liven up your room
  • HOLIDAY: If it’s around the time of a holiday, it’s always fun to have some cute decorations in your house and your bedroom certainly needs some too
  • GIRLY FLAIR: Just because you want to make your bedroom look more mature, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a few stuffed animals, dolls, or pink fluffy pillows in your room. Stay mature but keep your girly flair! 

Now that you know how to make your bedroom look more mature, you’ll be able to transform your room into a place that expresses the more mature you... with a little pink fuzzy girly edge! 

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