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11508-safer-costumes-headerMake sure your child's Halloween costume is spooky and safe this year.

While your little ghosts and goblins are only thinking about candy, you’re only thinking about their safety on Halloween night. Kids can still dress as their favorite princess or superhero while still making sure that their costume keep them safe. If you won’t be with your kids on Halloween night, give yourself peace of mind by ensuring they have safe costumes with these easy tips.

Glow sticks and necklaces:

Glow sticks or glowing necklaces and bracelets are a great option that will make kids’ costumes look stylish and also help cars see them.

Safety tag on trick-or-treat bucket:

Tie some sort of information tag around your child’s trick-or-treat bag with important information in case of an emergency. Include his or her name, your name, address and an emergency contact phone number.

Safe costumes:

Make sure that your child’s costume fits properly and nothing is dragging. If your child is wearing a mask, make sure it doesn't cover his or her mouth or nose so it is easy to breath. Also, be sure to get the correct size so your child isn't drowning in the costume or having his or her movement constricted. If your child has a costume that requires a fake weapon like a sword, make sure it’s made out of a soft material.

Homemade Halloween costumes:

Making Halloween costumes yourself is a great way to stay frugal since Halloween costumes can be so costly. If you decide to design your own fun and safe costume, make sure the material is flame-resistant, use bright colors so motorists can see your kids, and use reflective tape on some parts of the costume.

Face painting:

Sometimes face paint is easier, cheaper and better for your child than a heavy mask but some of those paints can trigger an allergic reaction. Be sure to look at the ingredients before you apply them to your child's face and test by applying a small patch to your child's wrist before the big day.

What other safe costume tips do you have for Halloween night? Share with us!

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