Get Ashleys Undone Hair1We all love hair styles that make us look and feel our best, yet are easy to achieve. Follow this 3 step guide to achieve glamorous and effortless Ashley Olsen inspired waves.

When we see Ashley Olsen front row at fashion shows or out in her daily life, it’s hard not to envy her perfectly tousled waves. She always has that undone hair look, like she just rolled out of bed, yet it always looks fantastic. Olsen had mastered how to take this look from everyday to the runway, leaving us wondering what we can do to create these beachy waves in our own hair.

To help achieve this fabulous, tousled look, we have created a hair guide that includes 3 steps that help you style your hair like Ashley Olsen, transforming it in to chic waves. This look helps us to embrace and use our natural frizz to make the look even better. Better yet, this hair style looks great in our day to day lives or for a night out on the town. If you have naturally wavy hair this will be a bit easier to achieve and if your hair is straight, you will need to utilize your curling iron. Grab your products and enjoy making your hair look gorgeous and effortless.

1. Step 1: Utilize Products

After showering, be sure not to brush your hair. Create your part and pat with your towel, then let your hair air dry. For the straight haired gals, add wave enhancing spray and mousse to your damp hair, wavy haired girls will just need the wave enhancing spray. You will not need to use a lot of product, just enough to help create the desired amount of texture. Once you have applied mouse and spray, scrunch in to your hair to add texture.

2. Step 2: Add Extra Curl

If your hair is naturally wavy and you are pleased with the scrunched look once your hair dries, you are done. However, if you want to add more waves, plug in a thin curling iron. Wrap small pieces of your hair around the barrel of the curling iron. Turn the curling iron upside down and twist your hair around it without clamping. You can also divide your hair in to sections for curling, whichever styling technique is easiest for you. Hold your hair in the iron for about 10 seconds then release.

3. Step 3: Spray and Shake

Once you finish curling your hair, spray your curls with a light hairspray. Use your fingers to brush through your waves and relax the curls. Finally, shake your hair out to create even looser waves. 

This is an easy hairstyle that lasts all day, and can look just as great the next day. To keep your waves looking just as fierce on day two, simply add a dry shampoo and tousle some more. Use the street as your runway!

Photo: PR Photos

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