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how-to-organize-home-videos Make Your Collection More Usable

Is your collection of CDs, DVDs, music, and home movies beginning to look like a large unorganized mess? Setting up a catalog to organize home videos and other media will make it easy to manage. Converting your home movies and other media to digital files while setting up your catalog will make it easier to locate the files you need for any multimedia project.

A Collection Database is the Answer

Organize your movies into the following categories/genres:

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Comedy
  • Crime
  • Drama
  • Horror
  • Musicals
  • Science Fiction
  • War, & Westerns

Music genres are as varied as movies. To find a category or system that works for you visit a video or music store.  Once you have sorted your videos and music by genre, organize movies and music alphabetically, by artist or title.

Tips for Organizing Your Video Library

1. Decide What You Should Keep:Donate, sell, or give away any unwanted videos or music CDs. Determine the amount of space or storage containers you will need to store you movies and CDs. Use shelves, boxes, or trays. Find a system for storage and organization that works for you.

2. Keep a Video Database: It is a safe option to create a database of your video and music collection while organizing your home videos and multimedia so that you can track and manage items that you lent to others. This is also a good way to estimate the value of your collection for insurance purposes in case of damage. Update your computer database whenever you purchase any new media or change your collection in any way.

3. Keep a Digital Copy: You should convert any personal home videos, pictures, music, and other personal multimedia to digital files to protect them from damage through time and the elements. One effective way to convert super8 and homemade 16 mm movies is to play them on a screen as usual and use your digital camcorder to film the movies as they play on screen.

4. Convert Old Movies: Use a DVD/VHS player to convert video tapes from analog VHS to digital DVD. These personal files will also require storage space. We suggest purchasing an external hard drive with as much storage space as you can afford to store these files and any necessary back-ups.

Most multimedia asset management programs allow you to set up your own organizing structures so that it can be as simple or complex as you need. These programs will help you to find your media when you need it and to publish photos to the web, create custom slide shows for email, and customize your printing layouts.

Organizing home videos and other multimedia files may turn out to be a time-consuming activity but in the end, the easy management and location of needed files and videos is worth the time it takes to organize your home videos and other media. Please remember to back up your digital files and database catalog regularly. Some suggest backing up personal photos, home videos, and other personal multimedia to CDs and DVDs for storage in a safe deposit box or with a trusted friend.
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