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Maybe you’re a pro couponer that needs a better organizational system in place, or maybe you’re new to it and want to organize like a pro.

Have you been using the bottom-of-the-purse system for too long? Try some of these easy ways to organize your coupons like a pro so next time you head to the store, you can find just the right coupons you’ll need! 

Coupon Binder 

Ah, the good ol’ fashioned binder. You have a few options for organizing. One way is to insert your coupons into slipcovers or you can use inserts like ones for business cards or baseball cards. Then use dividers to organize by sections. You could even have a few different binders for different types of coupons. 

Coupon Bin and Folders 

Use decorative fabric bins to organize your coupons. Buy a bunch of folders for different categories of coupons and keep them organized in bins. You can store these decorative bins on shelves and if they match your décor, they’ll look stylish! Again, use dividers inside the bin; think of it as a stylish filing cabinet. 

Accordion Files 

Accordion binders are a great non-bulky way to keep your coupons organized. Buy a few and label the outside of each with different categories such as food and household goods. Then inside, have each section labeled such as canned goods, baby food and more! Store in a drawer and refer to them each time you head to the store. 

Clothespin Rack 

If you’re not a huge couponer but enjoy collecting the good ones, you probably don’t have enough to fill a whole binder. Instead, make your own clothespin rack to keep track of them. Drill a skinny lattice to your home office wall or in your kitchen and use clothespins to pin your most important coupons for easy grabbing! Spray paint it to match your décor!  

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