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In most homes, the kitchen can easily become the least organized room in the house. Plates, silverware, pots and pans are constantly being covered in messy food and shuffled around. Before you know it, you can easily have an organizational disaster on your hands. Getting out ahead of the chaos can seem like a daunting task, but by following these steps, you can once again find peace in your kitchen.

Tips for Organizing the Kitchen

1. Organize the kitchen stuff how you use it: Place dishes, tupperware and vases in a cabinet in the hub area of the kitchen. The lower shelf should consist of the items you and your family use most often.

2. Top shelf: Use the top or highest shelf for things that are not as common and for those items you don’t use as often, such as vases.

3. Tupperware: How much tupperware do you need? You need as much tupperware as you would need for your biggest party.

4. Snack cabinet: Keep snacks in close reach for the children. Put dried fruits, nuts and crackers on the lowest shelf. Keep the sweet snacks at the top shelf so it’s not easily accessible to the children. Baking items can also be placed in the snack cabinet on the second or middle shelf.

5. Cups and glasses: Organize the cups and glasses cabinet with labels so that your family knows where things go and there’s not an avalanche of glasses every time the cabinet door is opened. Again, place the special occasion glasses and cups that aren’t used often at the top.

6. Organize the junk drawer: Yes, you can organize your junk drawer! You can use something to separate the tape from the chords, etc., so that it’s easier for you to find what you need when you need it.

7. Pots and pans: Separate pots and pans, baking supplies and bread pans in different drawers and/or cabinets. Keep the tops of the pots and pans together.

8. Labels: Labels are an organizer’s best friend. Labeling everything in your kitchen makes putting away kitchen items much easier for everyone in your family. It keeps you from doing more work and helps your children learn where things go.

Follow these simple tips and life you'll find working in the kitchen to be much easier.

Happy cleaning!

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