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how-to-overcome-jealousyTips on How to Overcome Jealousy

Jealous. Even the word alone makes some cringe. Take it for what it is, there are always going to be people out there that you come into contact with that may have a more extravagant life than you. Thankfully, instead of getting upset over the reality of the situation, there are many tips on how to overcome jealousy.

How to Live the Life You Have

Take a good look at those you may be jealous of. Do they really have what you want? Perhaps they have their own struggles to maintain what they have? There are several forms of jealousy in the world, not just one child angry that someone else is getting Mommy's attention. Adults suffer from jealousy more than kids do. Women definitely have more opportunities to suffer from it as well.

Previous Wife Jealousy

This one never fails. The new wife cannot get past the one that preceded her. Ladies, there is a reason your partner decided to end the previous marriage and then marry again. Men generally feel closure and have a final result from a divorce. The women in their lives tend to make it more of an issue than it really is. Your spouse has chosen you for a reason. If you feel threatened in any way by his former wife, then speak to your spouse about it. He may say exactly what you needed to hear and set your fears aside for good.

New Baby Jealousy

Often, when there is an older child already settled in the home and all of a sudden a newborn comes in and messes with their routine, jealousy is inevitable. The first child is accustomed to having all of your attention and time, and resent the new baby. This is normal and it can be repaired. The child needs to develop a relationship with the new baby and have something completely new in his or her life to treasure. Jelouse over a new baby typically goes away after a few weeks, and it is always a wise idea for the parents to make ample time for all of their little ones so jealousy does not get out of hand.

Husband's Secretary Jealousy

Your husband may live, eat and sleep his career. You may feel that he spends more time with his secratary than he does with you. As a result, he's probably very successful at what he does. Success cannot be obtained without hard work, and he is going to work to help support you and your family, not to pick up women. If you feel strongly about it, consult with your husband and he will assure you that your fears are unfounded. If you truly feel that his secratary is inappropriate, ask him if he would be willing to look for someone else.

Jealous of Another Woman's Life

This may be the most common form of female jealousy. Ladies look at another woman and know in seconds if they like her or not. It's often a dog eat dog type of relationship women live in, and it doesn't have to be that way. Appreciate others for what they have that you admire instead of being emotional because you do not have those things. Everyone's life has value. Find the value in your own life instead of comparing your life to others. The sooner you can accomplish that, the sooner you will shine in your own life.

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