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Treat your body just like it’s pregnant before you even try to conceive.

Many women think it’s most important to take care of their body when pregnant but it’s just as important to take care of your body before you try to conceive. You are about to grow a baby for nine months so make sure your body is in tip-top shape and you eliminate some things in your lifestyle like smoking or heavily drinking. Here are some easy tips that not only will prepare your body for the miracle of pregnancy but will actually increase your chances of conceiving!

Change Your Diet

Cut out junk foods, soda, and processed foods and replace it with healthy, organic foods.  


Quit Smoking And Drinking

This should be obvious but many women decide to quit these things when they find out they’re pregnant. Sure, it’ll be easier to quit smoking when you find out there’s a human inside you but it’s to your and your baby’s advantage to stop beforehand.  

Take Folic Acid

Folic acid has been shown to decrease birth defects so make sure you get about 400 to 800 mcg a day. You can get this from certain foods or in pill form. 

Lose Weight

Not only is it hard for overweight or obese women to conceive, it can sometimes make delivery tougher. While waiting to get that sweet little plus sign, try adding more healthy eating and exercise into your routine. Think of it as a long-term benefit, both for now to conceive and in the long-run to live a long, healthy life.

Ending Birth Control

Many women depend on birth control to avoid pregnancy even for decades but when you’re finally ready for a little bundle of joy, it’s time to ditch the pill. You could quit the pill mid-cycle or at the end when you’d normally get your period and just not get a refill. It won’t hurt your health no matter what you choose so if you are impatient and can’t wait to get started, stop whenever you want but be prepared for mid-cycle bleeding. 

Go To The Dentist

Gums tend to bleed more when you’re pregnant and many bacterial issues in your mouth can affect pregnancy. A check-up with your dentist can help prevent these issues. 

Act As If You’re Already Pregnant

When you are pregnant and once you have your baby, your life will definitely change. You have to be ready, both physically and mentally, for the big transitions that are coming your way. Whether it is eating healthier or exercising more or even improving your time management skills, these are all important on your steps to motherhood. 

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