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As the caretaker of an aging, yet youthful looking, Jack Russell Terrier, I still feel like I’m raising a puppy with attitude and endless energy. I adore my dog’s sassy personality, yet her everlasting vitality can exhaust a gal who constantly feels tired and withdrawn.

They say, opposites attract. Boredom comes easily for this sharp, somewhat ill-mannered Jack Russell Terrier. Even after chasing a rope and winning staring contests with shadows, Ellie's left wanting more. Here are some ways you can keep your canine companions entertained.

1. Find your dog a playmate

Dogs can be just as silly as humans! Give your pooch special love and attention by chasing the pup around and being goofy together.

2. Create Challenging Problems for Your Pet

Dogs are intelligent animals, and Dr. Mugford suggests challenging your dog to finding its food. Hide food or treats around the house or outside in the yard. This game helps prevent your dog from eating too much food too quickly. Similar to how specific feeders deliver dog food slowly, a food-finding game also helps a dog savor every morsel. Not only will you prevent pet indigestion, your pet will also have fun. 

3. Get Creative with Dog Toys

From plastic soft drink bottles to squeaky toys, a variety of dog toys will keep your pup happy. Dogs feel pride over their toys, so find toys that are safe as well as interesting for your breed. For example, non-destructive labs like soft toys. A Staffordshire Bull Terrier likes tough toys like a kong. And overly confident, eccentric Jack Russells named Ellie like to carry around a stuffed bird that was originally meant to be a baby gift. 


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