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how-to-prevent-your-pot-from-boiling-over-videoWe bet you don't know about this kitchen tip.

Our very own Peri Heft shows us a short, but sweet, video tip for preventing water in a pot from boiling over. And when we talk about boiling over, it's not the PMS stuff. This is a real kitchen tip!

We all know the drill. This is how it goes: we get supper going. It may be macaroni and cheese (easy way out). It may be spaghetti, linguine, Fettuccine Alfredo, or we may simply be attempting to boil potatoes or eggs.

Then we get distracted, whether it's a diaper change, a temper tantrum or homework help. Soon we hear the searing sound of water boiling over onto the stove and our kids yelling, "Mom!"

So how do we avoid this cooking mishap? Peri Heft shows us a simple tip, and I have to admit I knew nothing about this!


Prevent Your Water from Boiling Over

  • First of all, set a timer. Although a timer doesn't mean your pan will not boil over, at least if you leave the room under the many distractions we all encounter, you just may hear it go off and save yourself a date with a towel.

  • Here is the magic: place a wooden spoon over the top of the pan, as Peri does. And by golly, the pan will not boil over! I am sure there is a law of physics out there that explains exactly why this works, but being a right-brained person, I don't really care. As long as the pan keeps the water, I'm good to go!

Other Kitchen Tips for the Busy Mom

  • The night before a school day, place cereal bowls and boxes on the kitchen table, complete with bowls and spoons. You might just be able to sleep in a bit, as your children can help themselves. And might I add, this is a good thing.

  • Do your dishes as you dirty them. We know this can be a tall order, but if you wash them immediately you will be more happy (and not so stressed) about dishes piling up.

  • Enlist your school-aged children in chores or tasks they do daily as you feed them. They can vacuum the kitchen floor, load the dishwasher, or better yet, wash the dishes depending on their ages. They can take out the garbage. They need to learn this anyway, and it helps us mothers concentrate more on being good mothers.

We hope this video was helpful and that you can be happy in the kitchen. I am still working on it! Got any other tips? Let us know on Facebook or Tweet us!

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