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how-to-quit-smoking-naturally2Quitting Smoking Naturally is Among the Most Difficult Hurdle to Overcome.

There is something about taking time to relax and puffing on a cigarette, taking the edge off the stress we frequently feel. But cigarette smoke contains gases, tar, ashes and poisons that over time will damage your lungs and heart. According to smokefree.gov, there are over 4,000 chemicals in cigarette smoke which can also be found in arsenic, fingernail polish remover, rat poison, insect poison and wood varnish. And really, ladies, do we want to be inhaling all that stuff in the name of "stress reduction?"

Tips for Quitting Smoking Naturally

1. First of all, you need to find your "burn," your reason for quitting. Consider making a list of reasons to quit smoking. For instance, you will feel more in control of your life, not having to plan your life around cigarettes. You will have more energy, and your senses of smell and taste will improve greatly. You will be healthier the rest of your life! Post this list where you can see it. Refer to it whenever you are thinking of lighting up.

2. Keep in mind your loved ones who do not smoke. Secondhand smoke can be deadly to those around you, causing heart disease, breathing difficulties and even cancer for nonsmokers. Breathing secondhand smoke can also lower immune systems and lower life expectancy. Pregnant women who breathe secondhand smoke may have children with learning problems, small birth weights and higher risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

3. Pick a quit date. It could be a special day such as New Year's Day, the 4th of July, your birthday or wedding anniversary.

4. Let friends and family members know of your plans to quit. They can support you and remind you why you want to quit. If someone close to you also smokes, encourage them to quit with you.

5. Anticipate that there will be difficulty in changing this learned behavior. There may be withdrawal symptoms, which include irritability, depression, unable to sleep, anxiety, fuzzy thinking and feeling hungry.

6. When the day comes, throw out those smokes if there are any left. Remove any proof that you were a smoker. When the urge to smoke happens, have a plan. Go for a walk or bike ride. Eat sunflower seeds or chew gum. Take up a new hobby! Hit the movies or work out.

Tips for Handling Cigarette Cravings

Not everyone has withdrawal symptoms and cravings, but here are a few tactics to stave off a craving according to smokefree.gov.

  • Light a candle or incense instead of smoking.
  • Take 10 slow, deep breaths and hold the last breath in. Then release your breath slowly.
  • Relax your muscles and picture a soothing, pleasant scene. Day dream of peaceful visions and concentrate upon that.
  • Remember when you are feeling withdrawal symptoms that your body is actually healing. Tell yourself that as you try not to kill your children (haha kidding).

When you quit smoking the nicotine in your body is gone within three days; just three days!  And each day is a victory. If you are having trouble quitting cold turkey, there are medicines available to help you quit smoking. Good luck!

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