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We all have goals for our health - or at least we should! And those goals run the gamut from losing those last 5 lbs to climbing a mountain to anything in between, including simpler goals like taking 15,000 steps per day or even making sure we get enough protein in our diets. 

Small Steps Lead To Big Accomplishments

 In fact, making your goals realistic to attain is one of the keys to success. No one's going to go from being a couch potato to running a marathon overnight, but we can all start taking small incremental steps toward larger goals. 

Start with what you want to accomplish, and think about all the components that go into it. Do you want to get back in shape so you have energy to play with your kids (or grand kids)? Or look extra fabulous for an upcoming event or occasion? Or maybe you do actually want to run a marathon or climb a mountain. Or maybe you want to boost your brain power and energy so you can learn a new and interesting skill, like a new language.

Understand How Health #Goals Are Really Achieved  

Then think about all the details. Getting into shape for anything requires a lot of small changes over a long period, many of which include making positive choices and good decisions on a daily basis. For instance, choosing to walk to the corner store instead of drive, or having a healthy protein shake even when you're not particularly hungry in order to keep your strength up! 

Staying On Track

In addition, you need to remember that all these seemingly minor things add up over time, and all the little improvements you're making add up to big differences in the long run! Tracking and measuring your progress over time can definitely help with motivation - there's nothing like seeing how far you've come on the path towards your goals to pick you up when you're feeling discouraged. 

Perhaps the most important thing we can all do towards achieving our goals is to make sure we have the fuel - the strength and energy - to get there. And you can do that making sure you eat a high protein and healthy diet that will give you that added boost of energy that you need to make all the positive decisions and take the daily actions that will add up to your goal! 



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