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Kids need to do other things besides sit in front of the TV, but that doesn't mean that they can't watch their favorite shows. Regulate TV time for your kids and they’ll get more done during the day, be healthier, and will spend more time with you and the family. 

Do’s and Don’ts on Regulating TV Time 

  • LIMIT TIME: Each day, give them a set amount of minutes or hours. During the week, give them 1 hour a day so they can get their homework done. On the weekends, give them a little more. 
  • DON’T MAKE IT BACKGROUND NOISE: If kids want it on in the background while they do homework, they are going to be watching cartoons more than they’re studying math. 
  • NO TV IN ROOMS: Don’t put a TV in the child’s room until they’re older. That’s just asking for trouble. They won’t be able to turn it off. 
  • PROVIDE OTHER ACTIVITIES: Have board games out, puzzles, books, arts and crafts supplies available for when they get bored.

Tips on Regulating TV Time 

  • SCHEDULE: If they have a favorite show on Tuesdays and Fridays, allow them to watch it and then limit their TV time on days where nothing is on.
  • TV ALLOWANCE DEVICES: You can buy these devices online or at stores where electronics are sold. It’s a box you hook up to the TV. They usually can regulate up to 6 kids with timers. Kids type in their passcode, the TV turns on and then tells them how many minutes or hours they have left for the week. If they use it up, it shuts off and only you can turn the TV back on with your magic parent password!
  • REGULATE THE PROGRAMS/CHANNELS: If all they watch are violent murder mystery shows, maybe try to get them to watch lighter material like an educational channel. 
  • USE OTHER FORMS OF PUNISHMENTS: Telling kids they can’t watch TV for a week because they didn’t clean their room or rewarding them with extra TV time because they did clean their room makes the TV seem glorified and vital; that’s why there are so many arguments about it. Find other rewards or other things to take away for bad behavior. 
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