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Save On Groceries Without Using Coupons

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Grocery shopping may be a necessity but it doesn’t need to break the bank. Whether you are shopping for just yourself or you have a pack of hungry mouths to feed, you don't want to overspend or buy unnecessary items. But we've got tips to ensure you get the most for your money at the market. So for those of you who don’t have time to spend hours clipping coupons, here are a few shopping tips that can help you save!

Shop Satiated

An empty belly is the biggest culprit for spontaneous spending. If you try to shop hungry, chances are you’ll buy things that sound good, rather than items you actually need.

Make A List And Check It Twice

Another tip that can save you money is to make a list ahead of time and stick to it. Knowing what you need can keep the stray items you don’t need out of the shopping cart.


Plan Your Meals

Plan the meals you want to make for the week to help you in your list making. By planning your meals, you eliminate those extra last-minute grocery trips and the possibility of impulse purchases blowing up your budget and wasting your refrigerator space. 

Watch For Deals On The Shelf

You may not have the coupons ahead of time, but keep an eye out for the deals on the shelves that can save you money. Sometimes, you may want to buy two of an item you use frequently if there’s a special. Stock up and save might be an overused phrase, but it's become a cliché for a reason. 

Go Generic When Possible

Look for generic brands as they are often cheaper than the mainstream or trendy ones. Depending on what you are buying, the generic brand will work just fine for your recipe or meal. You can do this even at a fresh market or organic foods store as they will typically spell a variety of brands as well as their own in-house version which is typically cheaper. 

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