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HITH-Wrigley-Field-2012-Wrigley-Home-Plate-Shot-Cropped-ETake your family to the ballgame this season, without breaking the bank.

Across the country, opening days have been welcoming fans back to baseball. A day at the ballpark is the perfect way to spend an afternoon or evening and to really get in some good old-fashioned family time. Even if you are not a baseball fan, getting caught up in the crowd (and the cheer-generating waves) is fun all by itself. And, who doesn’t look cute in a jersey and a cap?

Some of your favorite celeb moms like Kate Hudson, Jennifer Garner, and Jennifer Lopez are big-time fans, or at least look like they’re having a blast cheering on their home team.

That said, getting there and getting in can be cost prohibitive for many non-Hollywood families, making a date with the television and a pizza delivery a much more viable and inexpensive baseball-game-watching option.

But there are ways even the common folk can enjoy America’s favorite pastime (the fact that tickets are so expensive is a discussion for another time) at the game.

Here at the 'The List,' we are going to give you the top five ways to get less expensive seats so you can hear your family say, “Take me out to the ballgame!”

Top 5 Ways You Can Afford to go to a Professional Baseball Game This Season

1. Consider the Bleachers

Many ball fields have sections in one or more of the outfields that are more bleacher-style—but don’t let that turn you off. This section is a lot of fun, not only because of the energy of the folks who like to sit there but also because of the action (lots of balls are hit to the outfield) and the fact that at many parks, these sections have grills so you can have your own tailgate during the game.

2. Giveaway Days

Check the team’s calendar for giveaway days. Even if you are paying for seats in more desired sections, at least you’re getting more for your money, whether the team is giving away jerseys, seat cushions, balls or other goodies.

3. Kids Come Free

Again, check the schedule for days with special ticket prices. At least once a season, many teams offer kids free seats when attending with a paying adult. These days won’t typically be on a day with a major team rivalry, but that’s okay.

4. Go as a Group

Organize a group and call the ticket office to inquire about group sales rates—professional baseball tickets are often available at a discount if you meet a minimum number of people. Think about a few families you would like to go with, a group at work, a camp or school outing or a some kind of social club.

5. Take in a Double AA Game

If you are lucky enough to have a minor league team nearby, definitely make a plan to see their games. It’s typically a smaller, very family-friendly atmosphere. The likelihood of catching a ball is greater (and you might even be able to get it signed), food is less pricier and the tickets are probably about one-tenth of the price of the majors.

With any of these, you’ll surely have money left to “buy some peanuts and Cracker Jacks!”

For more family-friendly budget ideas, check out poshmom.

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