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how-to-set-the-family-table-videoFond Memories of Eating Supper Around the Dinner Table.

As Mom's recognizing the importance of eating around the table can only help our children. Studies have shown that kids who have regular meals around the table with their parents get better grades in school. And teens that ate around the table five times a week or more are less likely to engage in binge drinking (42%), less likely to be cigarette smokers (59%) and 66 percent less likely to engage in pot smoking. In this video, Jodi Luber shows us a quick tip to keep the family table looking colorful and spiffy as we sit down together.

Setting the Family Table

If using centerpieces or flowers, make sure that they are not too tall, hindering seeing the person across the table. Jodi Luber exchanges her more dramatic, tall flowers with smaller ones when it is time for dinner. The allure of the table and color is then retained, making for a comfortable, uplifting family meal.

Go Green when Serving Dinner

Centerpieces: As Jodi Luber has demonstrated, centerpieces are a great way to keep our family connected to nature. When selecting a centerpiece, choose dried plants, forced bulbs, seedpods, organic flowers, pine cones and even stones.

Table Finishes and Polishes: Most polishes for furniture contain what are called neurotoxin ingredients that are derived from petroleum. Make sure to select the safe polishes and finishes or the air at the dinner table will be contaminated, causing stress, depression or loss of concentration in our families. If you are unsure as to what to select, pick water-based stains and urethane's if refinishing your table. In addition, make your own dusting cloths.

Candles: Candles provide a relaxing environment and alluring ambiance when eating a meal. If you are a candle person, bees wax candles are the best choice. Bees wax candles naturally clean the air and are less polluting than other candles.

Tableware: The danger of picking tableware is that many of the pieces contain lead. The colorful, handmade ceramic-ware can contain lead. Avoid pieces that have raised, decorated paint areas. And never eat out of a ceramic bowl that has been chipped. Stay away from lead crystal and do not store food or even microwave it in a glazed ceramic container.

Napkins: Forego the napkins you buy at the grocery store and instead start purchasing cloth napkins! This will save you money and be better to the environment, for all you have to do is pop them in the washing machine. Cloth napkins can also bring back special memories, as you take certain festive ones out for celebrations and the holidays.

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