How to Sew on a Button1It’s a life (and fashion!) lesson  we all must learn.

Sewing on a button is something every woman should learn how to do. Be the button sewer everyone can count on. Here’a how to sew on a button.

How To Sew On a Button

You need:

  • Needle (appropriate size)
  • Thread (color or close color of fabric)
  • Scissors
  • Button

iStock 000006927209XSmallDirections:

  1. Thread the needle. Put the thread into the needle hole. Pull through and stop at a place half way of where you’re comfortable being the thread length.
  2. Cut thread where you’re comfortable. Small buttons and thinner fabrics won’t call for as much thread as thicker fabrics and bigger buttons with wider button holes.
  3. Tie thread ends together into a knot. Needle should dangle in the middle of the piece of thread opposite of where it is tied.
  4. Place button where it needs to go on the piece of clothing or fabric.
  5. On the opposite side of the fabric (inside of garment) poke threaded need through the fabric through one of the button holes.
  6. Pull needle through fabric and button. Tug to make sure the entire thread doesn’t come through. (If it does, double your knot.)
  7. Poke threaded needle into the opposite button hole (the left, right, bottom or top button hole). Needle should be going back to the inside of the fabric.
  8. Pull through fabric and tug.
  9. Repeat steps 6 and 7 one more time.
  10. Now, poke needle in the fabric where the needle will come out of the button hole closest to the hole you started sewing into.
  11. Pull need through fabric and poke a hole in button hole that’s left.
  12. Repeat steps 6 and 7 then tug.
  13. You’re button is sewed but needs to be secured. Right behind where you have already sewn, between the two thicker lines, without sewing completely through the fabric, take the needle make it adjacent to the fabric and sew a small line. Tug. Needle should still be on the inside of the fabric. Do this once more but this time when you sew, don’t tug.
  14. Place needle inside the loop that gets smaller as you pull the needle through the fabric.
  15. Once need is completely through loop, tug and make a knot.
  16. Cut the thread closely behind knot.

Congrats--you have just sewn on a button!

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