What to Wear to a Job Interview at a Casual WorkplaceIt’s the magical four-letter word every woman wants to hear—sale.

There’s nothing quite like finding that beloved new addition to your wardrobe and learning that it’s even more affordable than you thought, but that can also be dangerous.

Once you get started, it’s hard to put down that oh-so-cheap piece and pass up a sale.

Here a few tips for keeping your sale addiction under control.

iStock 000014511088SmallFirst, walk around the store with the piece for a bit. Try on a few other items, look around the store, or put the item on hold and go shop elsewhere for a short while. If you still want the piece when you return, then it’s likely worth the purchase. But if you’re still unsure or not totally thrilled with it, take a pass, because you will probably feel the same way when you’re deciding what to wear the next day.

Second, always, always, always try things on. Sometimes a price tag can be blinding. That clearance item may be a steal for the price, but does it fit? Will it be as flattering on you as it is on the hanger? Don’t let that bright red markdown price keep you from seeing when a piece just doesn’t work.

When it comes to a good sale, us shopping addicts can often so get caught up in the euphoria of a good deal that we don’t realize how much we’re actually buying. When you’re getting ready to check out, make sure you look through all the items you’re planning to purchase and decide what you need and what you want.

You can treat yourself here and there but be honest about your spending and, when in doubt, focus on the needs.

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