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how-to-show-support-for-red-dayCheck out some of the ways YOU can get involved in National Wear Red Day.

Other than wearing red, there are plenty of actions you can take with women around the country and world to fight against hearth problems, especially when it comes to learning facts about heart conditions and diseases. No matter where you are or what you’re interested in, you can get involved in National Wear Red Day and promote healthy hearts for all!

Educate Yourself and Know the Signs

High blood pressure and other heart issues may not be incredibly apparent to us. Show support for heart health by getting regular checkups at the doctor or checking your blood pressure at home. Check out the rest of our Heart Health for Women section to brush up on your heart facts. Knowledge truly is power and a life-saver!

Live a Healthy Life

Start your new, healthy life ASAP! Getting active, eating better, checking in with your physician, and setting goals to continue these actions in the long-run are all great ways to start living healthy. Think of others in your life – a family member, friend, someone at work – that could use some support to kick-start a healthy heart life. You can work together on your goals and be each other’s cheerleader and support system. Also, check up on your family history to see if you’re at risk for any hereditary heart diseases. Another great way to live a better lifestyle is swapping out bad foods for better, healthier ones! An example could be switching out some meals that are heavy in carbs and sugar for fresh greens!

Host a Red Party

You can host a Red Day event anywhere and get as many people involved as possible. Some ideas for your event could be serving healthy beverages and food, planning a group exercise activity, or making posters and flyers with useful heart health information. Have a party at your home with close friends and family or get your children involved by putting on an event at school. The possibilities are endless and all are for the good of healthy hearts.

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