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Have you ever thought about walking for exercise? Now is the time to start! Are you one of those people that says, "I'll start exercising tomorrow?" Or do you say, "After the holidays are over, I'll start working out again"? Stop making excuses and just do it!  How do you begin?

Just get up and go for it!  

  • Wake up a little earlier in the morning to take a walk before going to work. 
  • Make small goals: Start with a five minute walk, then 15 minutes and so on. Then say, "By the end of this two-week period I'll walk for 30 minutes." 
  • When hiking for exercise, you can find trails near you with a difficulty level that caters to your personal needs. Start easy so you’ll have room to improve. 

You could even get together with a few of your girlfriends, friends or family to start or join a walking group. That way, you’ll also have a strong support system that is trying to reach the same goals. Start small and continue improving.

Don't be discouraged if you can't walk for an hour the first day. It takes time to build endurance. Getting up and going is a great start! 

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