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how-to-stay-safe-in-the-cityKeep yourself and family safe while living on or visiting a large city.

Cities are great. They're big, offer a lot of activities and venues to visit, and are packed with great restaurants and bars. Another great thing about cities is that many of them have great public transportation systems, lots of taxis, and are great walking cities! But, while the city can be such a fun place to live or visit, with great things can also come great danger. No matter where you are, city or country, staying safe should be a main priority when out and about. But in a city, you need to take extra precautions. 

If you are new to city living or just downtown for the day, you’ll need to know how to stay safe in a city. Check out this tips and things to be aware of while in a large city

Things to Be Aware of in a City 

  • PEOPLE: You may see some suspicious people walking around acting oddly. Stay clear of them and report what you see to someone if you feel the need.
  • ITEMS: You may see suspicious items, packages, etc. if you are on a train or in a public area. Be careful to not take the suspicious items with you or move them in any way. Instead, report it.
  • TIME OF DAY: There’s a difference between going to lunch at noon and going to a club at 2 in the morning. Be careful. As our moms have always said, nothing good happens at that hour! 
  • LOCATION: Know where you are. CIties are packed with great, safe areas, but they're also full of sketchy areas that have a higher crime rate. Be aware of these dicey areas and carry mase.

Tips on Staying Safe in the City 

  • CELLPHONES: Don’t walk and talk on your phone; you become a target. You aren’t paying attention to what is happening around you. Instead, keep your phone stored safety in your purse or front pant pocket (never your back). 
  • MUSIC: Always be alert. Never have your headphones in and walk around the city blasting your music. When you are distracted and cannot hear things around you, you become a target.
  • PURSES/BAGS: Always have a purse or bag that zips. Crossbody bags are also good to have because it makes it harder for theives to rip it off your shoulder. Instead, they would have to take it across your whole body. 
  • MONEY: Try not to carry too much cash or too many credit cards with you.
  • MAP: You may never need it if you are a pro to navigating a city but always have a pocket-sized map with you in case you ever got lost. 

This list does not mean it is guaranteed that something bad could happen to you and your family while in the city, but, it is better to know ahead of time how to stay safe in a city. Just keep track of your friends, family, and children and stay safe in the city.

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