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If you live in the midwest, then being on the lookout for tornadoes is part of every summer. These dangerous cyclones can rip trees from their roots and flatten entire neighborhoods in a matter of minutes. 

Seeing the sky take on that greenish yellow tone can be a pretty frightening sight. The unusual cloud formations and eerie quiet that precedes funnel clouds is foreboding enough, let alone the destructive force of the tornado itself. Despite the danger, there are many ways to keep you and your family safe.

Much like practicing fire drills and tornado drills in school, a family should all know how to take safety in a tornado, know where to go and what to bring in case a storm suddenly strolls into town.

10 Tornado Safety Tips

  1. Broken glass is a major danger in the event of a twister. You'll want to find a spot with the least amount of windows, preferably in the basement. If you don't have a a basement, then shutting yourself in a closet or in the bathroom will keep you the most safe.
  2. Stay in the center of the room, if possible. Corners of rooms often attract flying Tornado-DamageAmaterials.
  3. Find a piece of heavy furniture to hide under, and if possible, hold down.
  4. Never take cover in a mobile home. Instead, get out and find shelter elsewhere like a deep ditch and cover your head and neck.
  5. Try to avoid taking cover in a mall or a big area with a wide rooftop. Hallways without windows or bathrooms are the safest under this circumstance.
  6. Never drive away from the tornado. Exit your vehicle and look for shelter in the nearest building or ditch.
  7. Be careful of ditch areas that can easily flood from of large bodies of water nearby.
  8. Every large public building will have a severe weather plan posted on their wall or an authority who will know what to do.
  9. Keep an emergency kit in your designated safety area, such as the basement, including shelf-stable food, water, and a first-aid kid.
  10. Store a radio or other electronic device nearby in order to stay tuned for weather updates and alerts.
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