How to Style Leggings1Leggings the fashionable way.

We’ve all seen those interesting looking metallic leggings, patched leggings, sheer and cloth leggings, liquid leggings, etc. These are fashion leggings. Though they are fashionable, sometimes it is hard to pair them with other pieces in your closet. Well, we’re here to show you how you can wear fashion leggings and look good.

Fountain LeggingsFashionably-Styled Fashion Leggings

Fashion leggings which are classic leggings with a twist are a popular trend. As with any successful trend, it is all about how it is styled. So, here are the ABC’s or style tips to wearing fashion leggings.

  1. Balance your look. Metallic leggings should be worn with a simple colored top. Stick to contrasting colors that will balance out your look like black, nudes, whites or creams. Because you have a lot going on with the bottom, you don’t need as much on top. If you would like to wear a simple colored top that has a lot of detail, this is doable.
  2. Be bold. Black leggings can be worn with a black shirt for an all black everything look. But, it’s super cute to choose bright colors for your top and accessories. Bold is in. You can be bold in all black or go for a bold and loud top. You can even be bold in electric blue fashion leggings!
  3. Slouchy look. Fashion leggings can be dressed up just as they can be dressed down. Throw on a t-shirt, baseball cap, sweatshirt, crew neck sweater, cardigan, hoodie, and call it a day. You’ll just be relaxed in style.
  4. 2/3 rule. Sheer fashion leggings are usually not entirely sheer but have panels of material which are transparent. As the 2/3 rule goes, if you are going to show off the leg you can only show one other body part like your cleavage or back. Keep this in mind when picking a top.
  5. The shoes. All leggings can be worn with a shoe of your choice. Just keep the season, weather, and overall style you’re going for in mind. A metallic pair of fashion leggings can be easily worn with a dressy top and heels as it can a crew neck sweater and combat boots.

Now, don't you think you can rock fashion leggings?!

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