awkward-growing-out-phase-hair-headerThese hair tips will help you create fun styles during the "growing out" stage.

It's not quite long enough to put into a ponytail, but it's too short to leave straight as a cute pixie. It's the awkward hair growing out stage and it's the bane of our existence. Big time celebs made the short hair trends blow up over the last few seasons, but now we're ready to settle into long hairstyles with bangs or medium hairstyles with layers. But alas, we're stuck in the middle. These five tips will help you find creative hairstyles and learn how to get through the growing out phase.

5 Creative Hairstyles During The "Grow Out" Stage

Go bold with color

Amp up your style with a fun hair dye. You can be subtle by adding a honey blonde or light brown, or go bold with a pastel color. Plenty of celebs have pulled off the bold color look. Why can't you?


Full In The Front, Short In The Back

Long in the front and short in the back no longer looks like a bad hair cut. In fact, it's on trend. So, take those long front pieces and create an easy poof to add some style to a regular ponytail.


Twist and Shout

Adding some body in the front is as easy as putting in a few twists or french braids. If you're like me, french braids are just never going to happen unless I can grow an extra hand, but twists can be just as fun and sexy. You can pin back the rest of the hair or leave it down with some beachy waves. 


Lay Down, Layers

Sure, layers were a good idea two months ago, but now they're driving you crazy. Try a sexy bun or ponytail, but don't worry about clipping the layers back. Let them fall for a sexy, romantic look.


Get Extensions

If you really can't handle the short hair any longer, try extensions. Make sure you get good quality extensions so you can match the color and texture of your natural hair. Extensions can make the hair look fuller and obviously longer, giving you more options for styling.


Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to fix almost any hairstyle issue, so if you really hate your 'do, visit a salon. With these tips, however, you may be able to get through the growing out phase unscathed and ready for your next hair adventure.

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