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Going through breast cancer treatment is a hard process. If someone close to you is going through the healing process, you may be wondering how you can help your them through this tough time.

Whether they were just diagnosed or are in the middle of treatment, there are ways you can show your support and show them that they aren't alone.

Really listen to her: Giving advice is great but your friend really needs you to listen to hear and try to understand. Learn what she’s going through and listen to her as she works out her thoughts or decisions.

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Stay lighthearted: Your friend needs laughter and humor. The focuses of your conversations don’t always have to be serious. Give your friend some humor, tell some jokes and have fun.

Have a silly hats and wigs party: If she is dealing with hair loss, your friend may start to feel self-conscious about wearing wigs or scarves to cover up. Invite guests to come over with everyone donning crazy hats and wigs, giving her something to laugh about!

Help with the kids: It’s best for kids to continue on living life as normal as possible but if mom is going through treatment and surgeries, that’s not always likely. Help out by taking their kids to soccer practice or dance class so that their lives aren't altered. 

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Pamper them: Your friend needs some pampering right now. Send her exquisite flowers, indulgent chocolates, movies, comfy blankets and other sweet gifts that will make her feel pampered.

Get involved: Get involved in breast cancer awareness events and do it for your friend and all the other women going through the same thing. Do breast cancer walks, fundraising events and more. For more information on how to get involved, check out cancer.org!

Respect her decisions: Whatever treatment decisions she decides to make, support them, avoid giving a "speech" and respect them. Also avoid comparisons between your friend and another person you may know who had cancer.


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