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If your pet had a theme song, it would be "I Want To Hold Your Hand" by The Beatles... or maybe a little more accurately, I want you to hold my paw.

Snuggle buddy pets, as the name suggest, live and love to be cuddled. It doesn't matter what their owners are doing, these furry fiends will jump in any lap they see available and demand all the pets and snuggles. Of course, pet parents are more than willing to oblige - well, usually.

You'll need to have a backup plan for when your buddy wants to snuggle while your getting ready for work or have a cup of hot coffee in your hand. 

Often the key to keeping these warm bundles of fur happy is finding them one of their own furry toys while you're away. The main goal of these pets it to be comfortable, which can often lead to a more sedentary lifestyle, so you'll need to keep an eye on their diet. No high-fat or high-salt grain loaded kibble for these furry friends!

To get started with making sure your snuggle buddy pet has a happy and healthy life, we have a guide of things that will make your snuggler feel very well-loved!



To make any snuggler truly happy, you'll need to find them toys that rival their level of snuggly-ness. Plush toys are the best choice for this. For cats, look for soft toys with bells (1) that will keep them interested AND entertained. When it comes to dogs, look for toys with squeakers (4).


High protein is in any carnivorous pet's diet, but snuggle buddies will need to be careful when it comes to calories and salt. These pets don't need overflowing bowls of food. So it might be a good idea to look at foods like Natural Balance's Fat Dogs or Fat Cats formulas (3). These formulas focus on being nutritionally balanced with special protein and fiber blends but fewer calories. So no more worries about your little cuddle putting on too much weight.


It's important that every snuggle buddy has a plush bed (2) to lounge around in. It could be a blanket that you both share on the couch or an old used t-shirt that you don't mind giving to your pet. Having a soft item that has your smell embedded in the fabric can be soothing to the snuggler. That way when you're not home and available for cuddles, they can still feel safe and comfy in their own little bed.

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