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If your pet had a theme song, it would be "You've Got A Friend In Me" from the Toy Story soundtrack. Nothing makes your furry friend happier than making new friends of their own!

So it's important as a pet parent that you keep them happy and healthy enough to enjoy all those playdates. 

Speaking of which, it's important that owners of super social animals have plenty of time in their lives for playtime, walks and trips to the dog park. Your pet won't be happy if they spend their whole day alone, and you won't be happy being the ONLY person receiving all of that pent up love!

To make sure your socialite is always smiling and healthy, check out the WomensForum guide to owning a socialite:



Socialite pets love to play, so it's important to have interactive toys that let you play with them. Dog parents should make sure to always have at least one frisbee (1) in their toy box, while cat owners do well with teaser wands (3). These are toy loving, and sharing, pets so finding not just toys, but fun festive toys (2) will keep these social pets very happy.


If your playful pet is going to be up in your face, your going to want to make sure they've got fresh breath. Besides brushing their teeth, make sure your treats do double duty! There is no reason their reward can't also offer you a fresher smell when your favorite furry friend wants to get supper close. Natural Balance Dental Chews (4) will make sure those sweet kisses smell just as sweet as they feel.


Don't be shocked, as the pet parent of a social dog you will find yourself at the dog park, a lot. While there, you'll want to make sure your pup is wearing a harness (5) just in case those other dogs aren't as friendly as your little sweetheart. It's much easier to steer them away from any potential scuffles, on the leash or off, in a harness. The harness, even when it is not attached to the leash, gives you more places to grab and hold your moving socialite.

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