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Be prepared to get well acquainted with mother nature when raising pets with this personality.

If your pet had a theme song, it would be "Miss Independent" by Kelly Clarkson! As long as they're outdoors, your pet is pretty good at keeping themselves happy and occupied. That leaves it up to you as a pet parent to make sure they're healthy too.

Protection is key for hunters. They may be more than happy to track a squirrel all around the yard first thing in the morning, but as a pet parent you'll need to make sure they've had a healthy breakfast and are dressed for the occasion. 

When inclement weather strikes, make sure you know how to keep your pet entertained with stalking and hunting indoors activities too. Consider dropping them off at a pet daycare or play group while you're at work so they don't entertain themselves right into your closet to hunt shoes.

Here's a guide to keeping your hunter happy: 



Most hunter pets will find plenty of nature's "toys" to play with outside by themselves, but if they're going to be cooped up inside for awhile it's good to have plenty of active toys for them to enjoy. Specifically look for toys that will allow them to simulate their natural hunting instincts. Cat owners should stock up on toys like the feather mouse (1), where dog owners might want to pick up a few toys they can put treats in and hide around the house to give that smeller a workout (remember to avoid the closet).


When it comes to the hunter, let's just say they may have actually had a taste of the real stuff. So when it comes to meal time or treat time Natural Balance’s Wild Pursuit™ dog and cat foods (4) may be the nicest thing you can do. The dry food has freeze-dried pieces of raw meat mixed in with the kibble and the dog treats have real pieces of organ meat in the recipes. The flavor profiles tap into all kinds of animals: chicken, guinea fowl, trout and salmon. The high-protein no grain blends are packed with the energy your scavenger needs to hunt the backyard or any part of nature.


You wouldn't go out into the wilderness without proper gear, and neither should your pet. If you're dog is accompanying you on your next hunting or hiking trip make sure they have everything they need.

For cold and rocky terrains, grab your pup a set of boots (3) to protect their paws from frostbite and other injuries. If you're taking your dog hunting, then make sure they're wearing a vest (5). Not only will it protect their belly from scratches and cuts, the bright color will help you keep an eye on them.

And if you don't already have one make sure to pick up a pet first aid kit (2). Pets who spend so much time outdoors need to have owners that are prepared to take care of the cuts and scratches that are bound to happen on any big adventure. 

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