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how-to-talk-to-your-children-about-sexIt’s a conversation that has to be had.

The sex talk is one of those things that has to be done. It’s not the most comfortable thing to talk about for parents or children. But, to help you prepare and relay much needed information to your kids about sex, here are tips on how to talk to your children about sex.

Tips on Talking about Sex with Your Children

  1. Talk to them sooner than later. If they’re 11 or 12, it’s time to have “the talk.”
  2. Answer questions as they arise.
  3. Don’t leave it up to sex education classes to teach your kids about sex.
  4. Let your kids know they don’t have to succumb to peer pressure.
  5. Use the television as a way to open up the dialogue about sex and questions they may have.
  6. If you’re overwhelmed with talking to your kids about sex, ask a trusted a family member or person to do it.
  7. Saying “I know this is awkward but...” can be helpful to you both.
  8. Stay present in the conversation.
  9. Do little by little. Sex is an ongoing conversation.

 We hope these tips will help you start the conversation with your children. Do you have any tips or funny stories to share about "the talk?"


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