How to Tame Fly-Aways Effectively1Find out which is your effective method to tame fly-aways.

Fly-aways are one of those annoying things every girl has to experience. But why does this always happen at the worst time? Well, that’s a discussion for another day. Taming fly-aways is easy when you know the tricks to do so. Some fly-away tricks work but not for everyone.

Here are eight ways to tame fly-aways effectively.

8 Ways to Tame Your Fly-Aways

  1. Apply hairspray.
  2. Spritz tissue and wipe it over your hair.
  3. Run damp fingers over or though your dry hair.
  4. Don’t brush already frizzy hair.
  5. Glide hands with conditioner over hair.
  6. Apply natural oils.
  7. Spritz, or spray hairspray or put natural oils on a toothbrush and brush frizzed hair strands.
  8. Use a hair serum or frizz free serum.

We hope these eight tips to taming frizzy and fly-away hair proves effective for you.


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