When I was a child, my mom who has absolutely bone straight hair, fought a daily battle attempting to tame my unruly curls.

Armed with a bottle of no-more tangles and a hard bristle hair brush, she would do her best to brush out all the knots in my frizzy hair, while unknowingly brushing out all my curls too.  

Since it was the days of dial up internet, instead of turning to Google, my mom turned to multiple different homeopathic hair concoctions that she'd  heard of from a friend of a friend. All of the different recipes were supposed to magically give me perfect frizz free ringlets, but more often than not, they ended up with me crying on the floor with peanut butter, mayonnaise or some sort of oil based food in my frizzier than ever hair. 

Once I was old enough I was able to take control of my hair and found tips and products that actually worked for me, at the same time my mom found that her daily stress level lowered significantly when she didn't have to battle my hair. So to save you all the hair related stress and disasters that I went through as a child, here are the tips and tricks you need to know when taming your kid's curls.

1. Don't Brush Curly Hair When It's Dry  

Unless you want your child to look like they got hit by lightening on their way to school, make sure you never brush their curls when they're dry.  All that dry brushing will do is separate the natural shape of the ringlets and create frizz and volume. Instead, brush their hair after bath time while it's still wet, and use a wide tooth comb to brush out any knots. 

2. Find The Right Product For Their Hair

Any curly girl can tell you right away what their curl pattern is (personally my curls are on the borderline  between 3a and 3b). Knowing your child's curl pattern is important because it impacts what type of product you need for their hair. If your child has looser curls, they can usually get away with using just a light weight curl cream. Kids with denser curls need a heavier product and most often a combination of a few- typically a leave in conditioner, hair oil and curl cream. There's unfortunately no magic product that works on all curly hair types, so you will have to test a few out until you find the perfect one. 

3. Learn How To Plop

Drying curly hair is a monumental task that can sometimes take hours. Rushing around can cause hair to frizz up, as do typical towel wraps. If you're in a hurry, use a diffuser attachment on a hair dryer can speed up the process and minimize frizz, but curly hair looks its best when it can be air dried.  However not all air drying styles are created equal. If you're looking to perfect your kids curls, learn how to plop.  With just a long-sleeve t-shirt and some patience, you can make sure your kid's curls are defined and bouncy. 

4. Maintenance 

When it's time for a haircut, make sure you take your child to a hairdresser that has experience cutting curly hair. Curls fall differently than straight hair, so you'll want to make sure the hairdresser takes notice of your child's natural curl pattern and texture. That way when the cut is finished their hair will fall in place perfectly. 


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