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What should you do when a new partner asks "What's your number?"

Relationships are based on truth and honesty, but we all dread that moment where our new love interest asks us how many people we’ve slept with. What if they judge us for a number that's too high? What if they judge us for a number that's too low? Speaking candidly, it’s nobody’s business but your own, but if you choose to disclose your number to a partner, here’s how to go about it...

If you don't feel comfortable disclosing your sexual history, you don't have to start a conversation. In fact, many partners hate when you openly talk about your exes or past lovers. However, if your new lover is persistent on finding out your number of past partners, one option is replying with a cheeky response such as, "Enough to know how amazing you are in bed!" For many, that response is enough and they'll let it go. However, if your partner keeps prying and you decide to share your number, there's a few ways to handle the conversation.

First, find the right time to talk about it. If it’s your first date, that topic is off limits. Just tell them you’re more interested in getting to know each other than taking about your past lovers. Later on in a relationship, make sure you trust and feel comfortable enough with your partner to be honest with them. Before having the conversation remember that having past sexual relations isn’t something to feel ashamed of. Whether your number is 3 or 30, it doesn't effect your self worth or what you can bring to a relationship.

During the conversation, be completely honest. If they have a problem with your number, maybe they aren't the one. The number is only important in regards to sexual health. So, do you really want to play the numbers game?

If you don’t care about what your partner's number is, make that clear when they asks what yours is. Tell them it’s in the past and you’d rather focus on your new relationship. With an honest conversation, it's possible to come to an agreement that you both have had past relationships or flings but they don’t matter anymore.

What’s your opinion? How would you respond to the number question?

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