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how-to-think-of-happy-things-during-cancer-videoHere's how you can keep a gratitude journal for coping with cancer.

Katherine Puckett, a National Director of Mind-Body Medicine and a PhD, shares the importance of keeping a gratitude journal when battling cancer. These are tips to stay positive about cancer treatment and the healing process.

3 Reasons Gratitude Practice is Healthy

1. Reminds us there are still good things in life.

Retracing our footsteps about the good things in our lives that let us get this far should never be forgotten. Remember to write them down because maybe you won’t remember them as well in later years.

2. A list of things to be thankful for puts the cancer in perspective.

While the cancer treatments will still affect someone emotionally, the constant list of things to be grateful for will help move the cancer to the back of your mind. 

3. Helps someone focus on something.

This feeling is similar when you feel very exhausted and upset about something. Everything starts to feel like your life is going down a dark spiral of negative events, but if you have something positive to focus on every day, your level of hope will keep growing when you focus on adding to this gratitude journal daily.

Have any of you ever kept a journal of things you are grateful for? For breast cancer awareness month, tell us how those lists inspired change in your attitude and what you accomplished later in life because of it.

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