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how-to-throw-an-at-home-oscar-party-video-2Andrea Metcalf shows us a few things you want to include if you're throwing an Oscar party.

The Academy Awards is the perfect occasion for throwing a party. The amount of glitz and glam thrown into this event makes it seem like New Year's Eve all over again, except more exciting! 

Our very own Andrea Metcalf gives us some great tips for how you can make your Oscar party top notch!

Oscar Party Must-Haves

  1. Great invitations with a formal RSVP - Designing and sending creative invitations will make all your guests feel special. Try Party City or Walgreens, they let you design cards right online.  
  2. Get some bling - Fun tiaras or shimmery top hats will make your guests' feel glamorous -- Just like the celebrities!
  3. Formal attire - Have everyone dress their best and take photographs when everyone walks in.
  4. A fun background to take pictures in front of - You can buy one of these at Party City or any other party planning store. 
  5. Red Carpet - Rolling out a red carpet for guests' to walk on is essential! 
  6. Fun appetizers - A party isn't complete without food, of course! 
  7. Great cocktails - Design a fun drink menu for guests' and create an at-home mini bar designed for the Oscars. 
  8. Oscar nominee list - Make your own awards show out of it with our Academy Awards game! Print off our free Academy Awards nominee list and have everyone submit their predictions before the show starts. The person who gets the most right wins a prize!

The most important winner on this night is going to be you after you throw this fantastic party! The 2013 Oscars is a perfect time to get together and feel a part of a celebration. Get to planning, time is ticking! 

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