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how-to-treat-yourself-after-accomplishing-a-goal-videoSetting goals is important. But, it’s even more important to treat yourself after it’s accomplished!

Accomplishing a goal feels great. But what better way to celebrate than to treat yourself?! Our very own Andrea Metcalf gives us simple ways to treat yourself that will help you keep you encouraged.



Celebrating Your Accomplishments

  • Buy yourself flowers: It’s something small that can make a big difference in any room to remind you of your great progress. 
  • Watch a movie: Movie days are my personal favorite way to reward myself after I’ve worked hard for something and accomplished a goal. Kick back, relax and pop in your favorite movies to enjoy.
  • Buy fun music: Treat yourself to your favorite tunes to rock to while you work on your next goal! 
  • Make a facial mask: This is not only a fun way to treat yourself but it will also give you the benefit of a smoother, softer face. All you need is oats, yogurt and honey for a great smoothie mask!
  • Go get a good book: Let yourself relax by getting your favorite juicy novel or an encouraging book. 
  • Sleep in late: It’s not taboo! Just be sure to do it on the weekend. 
  • Take a walk to the neighborhood park: Take in the scenery and reflect on your progress. 
  • Relax in a warm bubble bath: Go for it with your favorite bath soap and incense!

You worked so hard for your goal. Now that you’ve accomplished it, it’s time to celebrate! 

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