Spring is coming and with it another season of new trends to help you leave your winter blues behind. Of course we’re always excited to revamp our wardrobe, but what if we could do it without having to buy a ton of new clothes? Here are some clever ways to mix up your closet for spring without wasting a paycheck.

Edit and Improve

As much as we like to talk about statement pieces and must-haves, our wardrobes are always a work in progress. If you haven’t done so before, go through your closet and try to get a sense of what your everyday style really is. Notice what you never wear (or have never worn!) and what you wear every week. What is it about these much-used items that you like? Try to pick some of your classic outfits, notice the cut, the color and focus on these when updating your wardrobe. This way you’ll have more of the things you really wear and less of what is just taking up valuable closet space. If any of your go-to items are on their way out, see if you can mend them instead. Fix the heels on your favorite shoes, tidy up the hem of your pants, take in your favorite jeans. Sure it will cost a little to repair, but better to invest in items you know work for you. The things you don’t wear? Put in a pile for your clothing swap!

Host a Clothing Swap

Sure, friends have been swapping clothes since the dawn of time. But take this notion one step further with a clothing swap. Invite at least five of your pals (the more people, the greater selection of clothes) and have them bring any clothes, shoes and accessories they are willing to part with. Make a few snacks and hopefully score some cool new (to you) pieces for your wardrobe. Donate whatever is left to a women’s shelter.

Go Thrifting

The thought of shopping at thrift stores can be overwhelming – there is just so much stuff, and a lot of it can be picked through, especially if you live in a major city. If it’s an option, I would recommend hitting up some secondhand stores outside the city, like in the bordering suburbs. Chances are there’ll be a better selection and more affordable prices. And don’t be afraid of venturing into a place like the Salvation Army. My BFF scored her prom dress at one for literally a dollar. Remember trends are cyclical so it’s highly likely you’ll be able to get the latest styles in their original format.

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