How to Use Hot Rollers1Follow these tips to achieve soft, sexy curls!

Hot rollers are breaking back onto the scene and we can’t be more excited! They are a perfect way to style bed-head or hair that has simply lost its volume into Hollywood curls. Let the rollers do all the hard work while you get your makeup and outfit ready for the day.


iStock 000025495153XSmallSetting into Place

  1. When looking for the best hot roller set, look for rollers that have more of a satiny material. This will allow you to achieve smoother curls.
  2. Once the set is heated and ready for use, section off the top of your hair—the Mohawk region. You want to start with this and use the biggest rollers in your set. This will give you a softer look. Before each roll, lightly spritz each strand with a heat protection spray. Sprays can also give off more of a shine.
  3. Be sure to select sections of hair that are no wider than the curler itself. That way the curl will actually hold.
  4. Roll each section back from your face. Any other direction will hang forward and look more schoolgirl than chic.
  5. Newer sets are coming with convenient clips instead of the traditional pins to hold each roller in place. These will help your curls stay still while you get ready.
  6. When gradually working your way down to the side, continue to roll backward and be sure to clamp them in place so that they are all vertical. This will help guide your curls into where they should be instead of having random gaps.
  7. When your hair is all set, give a quick all-over mist of hairspray.

Styling Tips

  • Once all rollers are removed, the curls should set within 10 minutes.
  • If somehow you are feeling like Shirley Temple, simply shake out the curls to loosen them up.
  • Run your fingers through or take large bristle brush to give your hair a more romantic feel.
  • Now you’re all set! Get a glamorous look in the amount of time it takes you to have breakfast.


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