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16796 BabyShowerMain

If you're hosting a baby shower at your home, you want your guests and mom-to-be to be wowed when they step foot in your house.  Instead of dedicating just one room to your baby shower, make sure to incorporate each room! It's all about celebrating the new baby and having fun while doing it, so why shouldn't you continue the theme throughout your entire space? You can’t guarantee everyone will stay in a designated area, so let people wander, explore your home and check out all the creative ways you’ve rearranged for this very special occasion!

But first, make sure you or your loved one registers for all the items that baby and mama will need!



Living Room16796 LivingRoomPic

Turn your living room into baby central! This is where you can set up cute indoor tables and host the games. Hang up some onesies and make cute centerpieces for all the tables.  Make your living room the game room and decorated a long table with adorable rubber duckies, flowers and other knick-knacks, depending on what your theme is. It doesn't have to be excessive or cost a lot- just make it fun and use your imagination! 


Yes, even the bathroom should be adorable--although you can keep it simple! We suggest making a diaper bouquet for the sink and putting out some cute baby shaped soaps. Or make your own! And the diaper bouquet can even go home with the mom-to-be after the party.

16796 BathroomBabyShowerKitchen

Serve lunch and snacks buffet-style on your kitchen table and/or island. Use blue or pink and yellow tablecloths, flowers, and knick-knacks. Create cute displays using the initials of the baby-to-be and hang up onesies on a clothesline. You can also never go wrong with some confetti and streamers! 



16796 GoodieBags

Make it clear to everyone they’ve entered baby-ville! One great example is a woman who was having work done on her pipes so her foyer walls were completely torn apart. She decided to incorporate the disaster into the party and put up caution tape and made signs that said “Baby Under Construction!” Not having remodeling done? Hang streamers and other décor in your entryway and on the railings of your stairs. Near the door is also the perfect place to keep goodie bags so people don’t forget them as they leave.


Weather permitting, using your front and backyard is definitely space you should utilize! You’ll probably want to decorate the front yard using balloons, flowers and signs so everyone knows which house is hosting the party. In the backyard is where you can expect most of the guests. Rather than crowd everyone inside, make outside the designated area for leaving and opening gifts. You could also set up games, tents and refreshments. 

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