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  • How To Win Your Office Secret Santa...

    How To Win Your Office Secret Santa...

    Okay it's not a contest...but it kind of is, especially if you end up drawing your boss's name for Secret Santa or a White Elephant gift exchange. Or maybe you just really like your colleagues and want to get them something good! Either way, the office holiday parties are stressful enough without worrying about what to gift. That's why we have some fantastic ideas that are certain to please even the snobbiest coworkers...

  • Desktop Globe

    Desktop Globe

    If you've got a world traveler or aspiring globetrotter on your list, this desktop globe from Target is definitely the perfect present. 

  • Clever Coffee Dripper

    Clever Coffee Dripper

    Perfect for the most overly caffeinated person in your office, this coffee maker is as classy as a French press but even easier to use.

  • Henry Bendel White Jetsetter Keychain

    Henry Bendel White Jetsetter Keychain

    The office fashionista will love just about anything from Henri Bendel, including this classy white and gold logo keychain. $28.00.

  • Metallic Gold Swingline Stapler

    Metallic Gold Swingline Stapler

    Because the classic Office Space stapler scene will never not be funny, but really no one could accidentally take this shiny gold Limited Edition Swingline Stapler (from the Nate Berkus collection at Target). $15.99.

  • Desktop Aromatherapy Diffuser

    Desktop Aromatherapy Diffuser

    Because a little desktop aromatherapy might be the best gift of all...

  • Beatles Moleskine

    Beatles Moleskine

    Moleskines are classic for a reason, and this mod black and white one is perfect for both modern art lovers and Beatles fans. $19.95.

  • Stainless Steel Tea Infuser Ball

    Stainless Steel Tea Infuser Ball

    Upgrade your favorite coworker's daily cup of tea with a stainless steel infuser from Bloomingdale's. 

  • Bauble Bar Metallic Over-The-Ear-Headphones

    Bauble Bar Metallic Over-The-Ear-Headphones

    These Baublebar over-the-ear headphones from Target might be perfect for the most glamorous audiophile in your office. $39.99.

  • Skull Ice Cube Molds

    Skull Ice Cube Molds

    Skull ice cube molds add a little bit of flair to every beverage, and they're a fun stockiing stuffer, Secret Santa or White Elephant gift. $9.99.

  • Black Cast Desk Accessories

    Black Cast Desk Accessories

    Give your colleagues a desktop upgrade for the holidays with this sleek matte black accessory set. $6.95-$19.95. 

  • Diamond Crystal Flash Drive

    Diamond Crystal Flash Drive

    This crystal studded, heart-shaped USB flash drive is as far from basic as it could possibly be, but it is something your giftee will use everyday. 

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