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how-to-write-a-meaningful-thank-you-noteLearn How to Write Meaningful and Personal Thank You Notes.

Birthdays, holidays, special occasions, or milestones in life can often bring presents and gifts. And, it's always nice to send a quick thank you note so the ones you love know you appreciate the thought and effort they put into making your special day even more special. You want to make them feel personal and sincere. Writing a meaningful thank you note can help you do this. But how do you write a great thank you note? What do you talk about? How do you start the letter and how should you conclude the thank you note?

Use these tips on how to write a meaningful thank you whether it’s for the holidays, birthdays, or even weddings.

Before You Start Your Thank You Notes 

  • Write down or put it in your phone somewhere who gave you what. When it comes time to write thank yous, it’ll be easier to remember who gave you what gift. Oftentimes, the person celebrating their special day may assign a friend, sister, or brother to help them write down who gave them what present. This way, they can enjoy their special day while the other one helps keep track of presents.
  • Start with the thank you's to family friends in different states then write the ones to those in the same area as you. You want your cards to get to everyone as soon as possible. 
  • Hand write them, don’t type them out. For weddings, anything but hand written thank yous are unacceptable. 
  • Choose your card wisely. Or make them yourself. But if you have a lot to write, pick out cards that match the season, who you are sending them to etc. For example, if you are thanking your conservative in-laws for a gift, don’t send them an inappropriate card. 

What to Write in Your Thank You Notes 

  • Start out with “dear.” “Dear mom and dad” is better than hey! 
  • Thank them for the specific gift giving specifics and details. Don’t say “thank you for the gift”, say “thank you for the beautiful vase. It’s in my living room and I love it!”
  • Mention something personal such as “it was great to see you at the family gathering”, “good luck on your job interview next week” or “let’s do lunch soon!” If you write something in each thank you that is specific to that person, you’re on the right track to writing a meaningful thank you note

If you follow these steps for writing a meaningful thank you note, your friends and family will appreciate it way more than if they got a thank you text from you. 

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