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how-to-write-a-mission-statementDeveloping Your 60 Second Sell
Writing a mission statement is something that requires a bit of thinking ahead. First, you must indicate clearly what it is that you wish to write about. It can be about virtually anything, from having a mission to get a new career to freeing yourself from some kind of stress in your life. You may need some advice on how to write a mission statement, and the following tips will help guide the way.

Personal Path and Plan of Purpose

Your mission statement has to contain a few imperative items. For one, if it is regarding a current or desired job, you need to make your ideas very clear and concise. With the uncertainty of who may be reading the statement other than yourself, it should outline your professional goals and objectives. Any person that you trust can review the document, and you will know right then if you need to change it at all.

Make your statement inspiring, and well thought out. Allow yourself to truly put on paper your vision for your future. No matter how small or grand the scale your goals, you can always inspire yourself by creating the right piece of documentation for use in the future. A quality mission statement should include several aspects.

How to Write a Mission Statement

  • Fully explain your goals for yourself
  • Describe a few of your biggest dreams
  • Provide enough space to exceed the goals and grow
  • Describe what makes you different from the competition
  • Be an outline for current business practices and future ones
  • Be clearly written

A paper such as this is solely to describe what makes you stand out from all others. List reasons why you can excel at what it is that you want to do. If you know for a fact that you're an exceptional employee, then highlight that feature. You may provide a truly unique service or product, and all of these unique qualities should be captured in the body of the statement.

Capturing Goals and Ideals for Personal Development

A personal mission statement differs from a professional one only in that it deals with your personal goals and ambitions. Rather than trying to sell yourself to someone else, you should be capturing your own goals and ideals for personal development. A personal mission statement may deal with your goals to lead a moral life, care for your family, or your desire to live your religious conviction. Whatever the case, you can apply the above elements of a professional mission statement to your personal life.

Now, take the completed mission statement and read it as often as you like. Remind yourself as well as those that employ you of how far you all have come since creating the mission statement. This type positive reinforcement can further develop your team, and in doing so your business will thrive as well. A mission statement can be something that you gaze back on later in life that will remind you of how much you have accomplished.

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