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How to Write the Perfect Valentine’s Day Poem

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Poetry is a creative way to express how you feel, and crafting a personalized poem for each other is something you and your partner can cherish for the rest of your lives. Want to get literary? Make it a tradition for each of you write each other a Valentine’s Day poem every year.

But you have to start with the first one, and one of the hardest things about love is knowing exactly how to express it - but sometimes writing things down is easier than saying them out loud. So, how do you write the perfect Valentine’s Day poem? Try these helpful poetry tips. 

Figure Out How You Want Your Poem To Sound

Do you want it to rhyme or not? Do you want it to read like a story? Not all poems are created equal. It’s your time for expression. You can rhyme or write it in any way you want. 

Make It Specific 

Make it unique to your partner's idiosyncrasies. You can say how beautiful and wonderful they are, of course, but choose specific instances or make specific references, or even use inside jokes to make it more personal.

Write In A Romantic Place

Write your poem while listening to your favorite romantic song, light some candles, set the mood. Great writing sometimes requires a great atmosphere to create in. 

Don't Type It

It’s much more personal to handwrite your poem, even if your handwriting isn’t perfect. Use the computer to outline and perfect your work, but write the final version in long hand. 

Choose A Theme

If every year you write about how you lucky you are to have found him, it may get dull after a while. Choose a theme. Maybe this is your first Valentine’s Day as a married couple or you just had a baby. Maybe you even bought your first home. Choose something specific to write about. 

Read It Aloud

Read aloud to yourself and change anything that sounds funny when you say it. You could also read each other your poems on V-day itself, or even record yourself reading it and share the audio file. 

Write From The Heart

It sounds so easy to just say, “Write from your heart.” But that’s actually how you should do it. Don’t worry about how it will sound, or if it makes total sense. Don't psyche yourself out when you're writing either - we can practically guarantee that your special someone won't be a strict grammarian this time! 

Outline It

If you aren’t a natural writer (or even if you are), outlining some key points you want to address in the poem is a great way to start. 

Quote The Best

If you’re stuck, it’s okay to add quotes from writers or other famous people if they capture how you truly feel. Song lyrics are also great if you’ve got some writer’s block - and besides, using lyrics is reminiscent of old school mixtapes - and who doesn't love those? 


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