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New Year, New Look! There's something about starting a new year that makes us crave some change, whether it comes in the form of a couple new accessories or a complete makeover. 

And nothing updates your look quite like trying out a hot new trend or two, and here are some of our favorites for you to try...


Wearing Your Heart On Your Sleeve...

Showcasing your political affiliation or ideology on your clothing certainly isn't a new thing, but it's becoming more popular - and necessary - than ever this year. And hey, even if you don't agree with someone's ideology, the slogan t-shirt or pin can serve as a warning sign to stick to more mutually agreeable topics.


The Return Of "IRL" Makeup.

2016 was all about the bold, almost drag-esque makeup that looks awesome on Instagram, but can be a bit much for every day looks, for most of us at least. Having your face perpetually camera-ready is something that really works better on a film shoot. 



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