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Taking your youngsters on road trips is a great way to see different states but what about putting them on an airplane? How young is too young to travel?

Parent or not, we’ve all had to be on flights where there is one kid who won’t stop crying and screaming and that can certainly ruin your flight. Plus, traveling is stressful enough. You could have a newborn on a plane and they won’t make a peep. So, when can a child fly? Is there a good age for traveling children?

What Age Should Kids Fly? 

Honestly, there really isn’t any rule. Preteens could be more obnoxious on flights than a toddler. It really depends on the child and their parent(s) that they’re flying with. The temperament of the child and the parent is the key to successful travel. A relaxed and organized parent may be what keeps a child in check during flight delays, long flights to Europe or just bad behavior but a parent who is already stressed out about flying themselves may not be able to handle a crazy kid.kidplaneA

But, traveling is part of life. Families should be able to go on vacations together and kids can actually benefit from traveling. They can see parts of the world they never knew existed and see other people and their cultures. 

Parents should consider many things when deciding to travel. Consider what time the flight is. An early or really late flight might not be ideal, as everyone on board will be trying to sleep. Bring plenty of activities for children and have a serious talk before traveling about how important good behavior is. Reward them too! In any case, deciding what age a child should travel depends strictly on your child’s temperament, not so much the year they were born. How old was your child when you first took them to fly?

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