how-your-pedicure-could-be-hurting-your-health-HEADERFollow these steps in order to be safe and healthy while getting a pedicure.

You want to show off those newly colored, cute toes in your flip-flops this summer. So you head to the nail salon. You may think you’re getting a relaxing pedicure followed by a professional polish job but there’s way more to it than that. How could a pedicure harm your health? In many ways! Keep yourself safe during your spring and summer pedicures by keeping these important points in mind.

Tips For Staying Safe During Pedicures

Clean Tools 

Just as you would see at the dentist’s office, your nail tech should be removing sanitized tools from auto clave sterilization pouches and be using new, disposable tools such as disposable buffers or nail files. Other tools should be soaking in Barbicide until the next client uses it. If you see a nail tech whip out a nail file that looks like it has a bunch of "white chalk" on it, tell her to toss it and get you a knew one. That "chalk" is probably dead skin!

Say No to Bubbles 

The bubbles in your pedicure tub seem to be relaxing, and they are but it’s not hygienic at all! Experts say that germs and bacteria live, grow and hide in the jets and are released when the bubbles come on. Consider going to salons with pipeless footbaths and make sure those tubs have liners.  


Go On Weekday Mornings & Afternoons 

Evenings and weekends are typically the busiest times for nail salons. That’s not to say that all of them skimp on sanitizing and cleaning but some do. Go during the week in the morning or late afternoon, if you can. And also, beware of those pedicure specials. Sometimes the salons can get so busy when they have a special going on that they skimp on sanitation. 

Don’t Shave Those Stems 

It’s human nature to shave our legs when we are going to have a stranger touch them but experts say don’t shave your legs before going to a salon. That opens your skin up to infections. Also, if you are diabetic, HIV positive or have a compromised immune system, the nail salon may not be the best place for you. You are at a higher risk. 

To research a good nail salon, look at reviews and keep an eye on their sanitation practices when you get there.

Is getting an infection really worth that $35 pedicure? We didn’t think so.

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