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human-growth-horomones-a-fountain-of-youthEach decade brings upon new facets of aging. Even in your twenties, you might feel that things are changing quickly. In your thirties you might notice the first signs of weight gain or a little extra outer thigh fat. In your forties, there may be a little belly roll and in your fifties and beyond, you've accepted the fact that weight loss isn't as easy as it was a few decades earlier.

But, these visible signs of aging aren't the only things you'll notice with aging. Changes in sleep, energy levels, sex drive -although not seen to the naked eye- can't be denied.


So the question is- if you can't stop aging, how can you age gracefully? Or better yet, feel and look more youthful? The answer is what actually keeps us youthful: (HGH).

What is Human Growth Horomone?

Human growth hormone (HGH) has long been known to starve off the realities of aging. Our bodies secret this hormone from the pituitary gland and through our mid-twenties, production declines. However, synthetic human growth hormone, which are prescribed and injected by doctors, are often used to treat conditions like osteoporosis and have increased bone density, decreased body fat, increased muscle mass and increased exercise capacity for patients with deficiencies, according to the MayoClinic. Synthetic HGH has also been used by celebrities and A-list stars so they can maintain their youthful appearance and energy. But, these synthetic injections have side effects that can't match the body's natural hormonal cycles and also require a large financial investment.

But what if your body produced more of this hormone naturally and these benefits didn’t burn a hole in your pocket?

Reverse Aging With SeroVital

SeroVital, a new supplement on the market, has conducted studies that prove it can help your body achieve this task: increase the pituitary function to secret more HGH. Sold in beauty stores such as Ulta, SeroVital promises to promote HGH secretion in the body.

How Does SeroVital Work?

The product is an amino acid chain of food products in a pill form that needs to be taken on an empty stomach. The key is to have these proteins enter the system without other food substances. This is a simple enough task and similar to many people taking prescription thyroid medicines. Improved sleep, energy level, metabolic rate, sex drive and skin tone are just some of the benefits SeroVital users have boasted. Research studies are backing these claims with independent University studies.

So, the news about a human growth horomone supplement is promising and something worth tuning into.

There are many ways to improve your health. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains as well as daily exercise are proven to help people live longer. But, seeing your doctor to report any health concerns or and exploring new ways to improve your healthy aging always serve as good medicine.

For more health and wellness tips, visit Andrea Metcalf.

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