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Human Physical Attraction

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Human Physical Attraction

How Do You Know It's More than Physical

Human physical attraction of the sexual variety, is the perceptible reaction one has toward another person's outer physical and sometimes inner phisiological attractiveness. True emotional interest in another human being is more than just physical attraction.   Such purely physical forms of attraction are in response to a person physique or obvious secondary sexual characteristics.  It's also possible that pheremones exuded based upon hormonal cycles are responsible for purely physical attraction.  Other drivers for men are based upon individual preferences often dictated by cultural and/or social influences.  A woman's knowing the difference between pure unadulterated human physical attraction and genuine emotional interest is critical if she hopes to avoid some of the worse first meeting and dating mistakes.

Pure Attraction vs Real Interest

The laws of human attraction are complex and require a profound understanding of human physiology.  With all the different variables and assumptions about attraction, men and women alike often get them confused.  And while some signs of human physical attraction and genuine interest can co-exist; women more often then men, most agree, get human physical attraction confused with genuine interest and a world of complication is created.

Study these 5 distinctive signs that can tell you the type of physical attraction you're dealing with on your next date.  And before you start daydreaming about him being "the one"; consider whether the reasons for your attraction to him is purely physical or possibly something more.  Remember, physical attraction goes both ways; male and female.  And it isn't a bad thing, unless it causes you to make decisions and develop expectations that simply have no basis.

Body Language - His body language will reveal a genuine interest or a physical attraction.  Did you know that over 90 percent of human communication is done via non-verbal body language?  Interestingly enough that only leaves 7-10 percent verbal communication, watch what he does and how he says whatever he says.  Pay only 10% attention to the words!

Check out how his body language tells his intentions.   If his body truck or torso faces yours squared his interest is genuine.  If is body truck is facing another direction or hunched over you then he's physically attracted to you but that's about it.

Another sign of physical attraction found in body language when he constantly intrudes on your personal space, gets in your face, stares in a provocative manner or touches your body for any reason.

When he invades your personal space without an invitation, it only means one thing; he's physically attracted to you and not really caring  if you reciprocate or not.   On the other hand if he respects your physical space then it is more than likely his interest is genuine.  At mnimum he is patient and willing to consider your level of interest.

Communication with the Eyes- Eye contact and prolonged communication is an obvious sign of physical attraction.  And it can be a part of the body's attempt to communicate true interest or pure lust. When a man provides you with that social stare that doesn't wander further than one eye to the other and glances off quickly; he's not physically attracted to you.  But if you get that sensual stare that slowly scans your entire body with lengthy pauses geared toward specific attributes; he's probably not even trying to hide that he is physically attracted.

Grooming Behaviors - Genuinely when a man is interested in you he will display an obsession with his own appearance.  He may constantly check his hair and teeth and tidy or touch his tie or hair, his ear or  hat.   You can be sure he's trying to make him self more impressionable and attractive to you.  This is a typical sign of human physical attraction in men and women.   However a man that who is more laid back and confident won't show so much concern in his own appearance although he may show attention to yours.

His feet - If you're having a problem telling with body language, eye contact and grooming habits what kind of attraction he feels, then try taking a look at his feet when standing or at the angle of his legs if he's sitting.

The direction his foot is pointing tells you a lot. If his feet are pointing in your direction, when standing, he's genuinely interested.  This has the same meaning when he crosses his leg toward you if sitting.  But if he sits facing you with his legs gapped open or if his feet are facing away from you, big red sign he's simply physically interested and calculating how far that might get him.

Verbal Communication - men often have trouble saying what they mean and meaning what they say; therefore grasping a few hidden verbal signs of interest is important.  With internet dating and chat sites, most often women meet men online therefore there's no physical contact to detect hese more subtle signs.

But if during the course of the first few times you speak to him, you discover he has a tendency to avoid questions with questions, pauses before answering, and relentlessly pushes to meet you in person, his interest is based on physical attractiveness of probably a sexual nature.

And another huge warning sign he's all about the physical connection and nothing else is found in his chosen topics of discussion.  If the conversation involves a large number of innuendo's in a graphic or sexual tone then he's only physically interested. So don't expect to marry this one. That is unless that's your type and in that case "good luck".

The laws of human physical attraction are vast and cover a number of physiological behaviors, some obvious and some hidden.  Protect yourself against unnecessary dating drama and save yourself some time by being able to tell right away if he is into you. Arm yourself with knowledge ahead of time and know how to communicate your interest if he's only demonstrating signs of pure physical attraction.

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