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17899-HONY-hillary-clintonA surprise appearance by  Hillary Clinton in the popular Facebook feed Humans of New York has people talking. As a former New York senator and current resident of the Big Apple, Clinton certainly qualifies for HONY so that is not the surprise; the story she chose to tell is the shocker.  

The story that Clinton shares is personal, vulnerable and told from a uniquely female perspective, all of which are rarely true for the Democratic nominee for president. 

Clinton tells of being confronted by men while taking her Harvard Law School admissions test. She recalls that one of the men said, "If you take my spot, I’ll get drafted, and I’ll go to Vietnam, and I'll die." She goes on to say that the experience taught her to control her emotions.

17899-HONY-comments-2Upworthy.com noted that while the post is interesting and offers a personal look at the candidate, it is the comments section below the post that really paints a picture of the female experience in America.  

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