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hundreds-killed-in-club-fire-in-brazilOver 200 were killed in a nightclub fire in Santa Maria, Brazil. Learn how to stay safe in big crowds. 

Early Sunday morning at about 2 a.m. on January 27, 2013, a fire broke out in a nightclub called Kiss in Brazil. Sources say that 232 were tragically killed in the nightclub fire and more than 100 people were injured when the fire started. It has been reported that there was an event held there for the local college, so most of the people killed were students. It has also been reported that the nightclub was far over its capacity limit and there weren’t enough exits and some people weren’t even able to get out.

More About Brazil Nightclub Fire 

Sources say that most of the deaths were caused by smoke inhalation at the nightclub fire, but some people may have been crushed to death as people rushed in a panic for the club's exit. 

Although officials haven’t yet concluded as to what started the fire; there is talk that it was caused by sparks from faulty sound-and-light equipment. But, sources quoted students who did survive the fire saying that the band playing was setting off fireworks or flares, which made the roof light on fire. There was apparently just one exit and the fire spread too quickly for firefighters to stop it right away. Many people were unable to find any other ways out. 

If you ever find yourself in such a situation, we have a few tips on keeping yourself safe in large crowds in small areas.

Tips to Stay Safe in Large Crowds 

When you hear something as tragic as this, it motivates you to be as educated as possible. Use these tips for staying safe in a crowded place:

  • Pay attention to where the exits are. When you first enter a building, take note of where they are and how many there are. 
  • Stay calm. This is always hard when people are panicking around you, but if you stay calm and get out as quickly as possible, it will be easier. 
  • Try to figure out how many people the venue can hold. All venues, restaurants, etc. have signs. 
  • If you go somewhere with friends or family, prepare an emergency plan. Pick a place outside to meet if something were to happen so you won’t get separated. 
  • Leave. Trust your instincts. If you feel the event is getting too out of control or crowded, leave. 
  • Take into consideration the weather. If something was to happen and you had to evacuate, make sure to bring something warm if it’s cold out. 

Use these tips to stay safe in large crowds if you ever find yourself at an event like this. Also, stay tuned for more updates on this nightclub fire in Brazil, because sources say that the death toll may go up as they continue investigating. 

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