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If you've been craving some serious Katiness action, feast your eyes on the latest Hunger Games trailer.

The Girl on Fire looks a little defeated but willing to continue the fight in the latest trailer of the Hunger Games series, which debuted at San Diego's Comic-Con over the weekend. The trailer starts off questioning the future of leading lady Katniss Everdeen, played by Jennifer Lawrence, and whether she will be able to fulfill her role in a brewing rebellion. 

Her power as an unintended leader of refugees becomes ever prominent as President Snow, played by Donald Sutherland, declares the Mockingjay symbol illegal.

Watch the trailer here:

She is shown to an underground hideout where refugees ask her to fight with them and she agrees without hesitation.

"I will," she says in the trailer. 

Those are the only words Lawrence utters during the trailer. Also featured in the clip is the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, who is seen in the beginning scenes arguing with fellow leaders, one of which is played by Julianne Moore, on whether or not Everdeen will be able to lead. There is a worry that "the games" have changed her.

The much-anticipated film is set to hit theaters this November. 

Photo Credit: YouTube


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